Inicio Review Meetch – ‘Digital Dance Radio’ – March

Meetch – ‘Digital Dance Radio’ – March


Meetch’s radio show ‘Digital Dance Radio’ has already made powerful waves throughout Electronic Music since its conception last year, having had several top guest stars take to the decks and numerous electrifying mixes delivered by Meetch himself. With March seeing Meetch bringing yet another month filled with memorable episodes, inviting several top names onto the show, ‘Digital Dance Radio’ surely saw the number of listeners tuning in each week grow even further, cementing the radio show as an exciting auditory destination for genre enthusiasts around the globe.

As the renowned Lucas & Steve joined ‘Digital Dance Radio’ during March, alongside rising stars GT_OFICE, BIONT, and Surya, listeners of the show will no doubt have enjoyed the diverse and varied sonic experience that Meetch crafted for them throughout the month. Marking a standout moment for the show, the appearance of such exciting talents, along with the powerhouse VIPs Lucas & Steve, no doubt comes as a powerful credit to Meetch’s own growing status within Electronic Music, serving as an acknowledgement of the prominent platform that Meetch continues to establish with ‘Digital Dance Radio’. With the mix from Lucas & Steve bringing an added layer of thrill to the show, and the episodes that featured the carefully constructed track listings from GT_OFICE, BIONT, and Surya elevating the sonic heat even further, March on ‘Digital Dance Radio’ certainly remains one to remember for both Meetch and his fans.

As he remains consistent in his ability to design enthralling musical journeys, Meetch’s own mixes for ‘Digital Dance Radio’ during March maintained his usual high standard, seamlessly blending some of the hottest sounds within Dance music into intoxicating listens. With music from a range of talents like Pickle, Reebs, and Marc Benjamin, Meetch showcased his unique musical tastes, bringing the sounds of well-known Artists to the airwaves whilst showcasing the work of rising creators on the scene: approaching the curation of his mixes from the perspective of an exciting tastemaker, unafraid to spotlight lesser-known Producers, Meetch continues to appear as a vital and enthusiastic addition to the world of Electronic Music.

So, promising more unmissable episodes as April unfolds, make sure to listen to Meetch’s ‘Digital Dance Radio’ this month, as it is guaranteed to bring even more infectious vibes and exhilarating energy.

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