Inicio Review Melleefresh – ‘Melleefresh House Party’ – March

Melleefresh – ‘Melleefresh House Party’ – March


Melleefresh’s magnetising energy and party-starter sound have continually distinguished her throughout her musical journey, appearing as a distinct characteristic of her creativity. With her radio show, ‘Melleefresh House Party’, Melleefresh offers listeners another opportunity to experience her enthralling sonic world, delivering high-energy episodes each week. Throughout March, Melleefresh showed herself to be maintaining her commitment towards her craft, bringing a collection of unique and electrifying episodes that not only showcased her striking talents and tastes but also highlighted her confidence when it comes to using her platform to bring attention to rising stars on the scene; appearing as a true tastemaker within Electronic Music, it is no wonder that ‘Melleefresh House Party’ continues to establish a stellar reputation.

With a style that exudes sonic vibrancy, Melleefresh ensures that each mix for her radio show epitomises her unique creativity, seamlessly weaving auditory journeys that keep the energy high and mighty vibes raised. During her mix for March’s episodes, Melleefresh made sure listeners continued to be impressed by her standout mixing abilities and the pulse-racing selection of music offered to them, featuring tracks from Michael Gray, RASIM, and Zsak, among others. As she continually designs considered track listings, balanced in their inclusion of well-known Artists and those still emerging on the scene, Melleefresh maintains her status as an influential addition to Electronic Music, one whose impact as a supporter of up-and-coming talents is sure to be felt.

Through March, Melleefresh handed over the decks to several exciting guest stars, inviting the gifted Producers Harbear, KuntyBeatz, and Hectic onto the show. As each guest brought their individual styles to the airwaves, diversifying the listening experience with mixes that showcased the various musical perspectives and sonic tastes of each Producer, ‘Melleefresh House Party’ certainly made for an exciting and enthralling listen throughout the month.

As she delivers memorable episodes each month, Melleefresh will surely preserve the quality of her radio show, continuing to bring adrenaline-fuelled mixes that will no doubt get any party started. So, be sure to discover Melleefresh’s lively energy for yourself by tuning into April’s episodes.

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