Inicio Review Mojave Grey and Moonshine Weave Sonic Magic to Unveil “Just Begun”

Mojave Grey and Moonshine Weave Sonic Magic to Unveil “Just Begun”


JOSHUA TREE, CA (April 26, 2024) – Amidst the quiet Joshua Tree dusk, a symphonic alliance was formed as live music and production act Mojave Grey (Zander Bleck and Michael Pozzi) and Swedish DJ duo Moonshine (Oliver and Victor Simic) crafted their latest single “Just Begun.” The track originated first in the Moonshine studio late last summer and evolved over the course of a year to reveal a collaborative project that masterfully captures the sonic essence of both groups. An unconventional and experimental odyssey, “Just Begun” offers an exploration of genres that combines the distinct, rock-meets-electronic sound of Mojave Grey with Moonshine’s deep house production expertise to create a new listening experience uniquely in a category of its own.

As «Just Begun» unfolds, it unveils the lush electronic soundscapes where Mojave Grey’s rich, atmospheric textures meet the robust, pulsating beats of Moonshine. This collaboration not only blends styles but cultures, intertwining the desert’s mystique with the bold spirit of northern Europe. “Just Begun” is a narrative of continual beginnings, speaking to the universal experience of always being at the start of yet another adventure, no matter where you are in life.

Oliver and Victor’s vision was clear from the outset, guiding the collaborative process with their fresh perspective on the genre. This clarity brought forth a new, yet simultaneously familiar sound for Mojave Grey as the duo leaned into their individual, raw talents as they returned to their artistic origins. More lyrical than their recent releases, “Just Begun” offers a powerful display of Zander’s impressive vocal range as he delivers a boundary pushing performance reminiscent of his days on tour with the likes of Lady Gaga. Similarly and synergistically, Pozzi’s dynamic string riffs anchor the composition as his technical mastery reverberates throughout effortless transitions from soft, melodic passages to blistering high-energy shredding that drives the song forward.

From Moonshine: “With ‘Just Begun’ we wanted to create a track that honors Mojave Grey’s distinct style while infusing our own electronic dance elements, resulting in a track that feels like a natural evolution of both our sounds. When we listen to ‘Just Begun’ it almost feels like a cinematic experience, taking the listener on a journey through its vivid soundscapes and dynamic shifts. You could say that we poured some Moonshine into the desert with this one”

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Zander Bleck and Michael Pozzi are the enigmatic masterminds behind Mojave Grey, the live music and production duo reimagining rock & roll through an electronic lens. Harnessing individual artistry and a shared sonic vision, Mojave Grey have pioneered a distinctive, genre-transcending sound that fuses together classic rock and modern electronic elements to create an auditory expression uniquely in a category of its own. By blending Zander’s soulful vocals with Pozzi’s instrumental dexterity, each of the duo’s transportive compositions unfold not only as an acoustic journey, but as an experience that is as limitless as the desert from which it was born. Drawing inspiration from the raw energy that courses between the Joshua Trees and the fateful encounters that brought them together, the musicians, lyricists and multi-instrumentalists have quickly established themselves an up and coming force breathing new life into the electronic music scene.

Independently, Zander and Pozzi are career musicians and maestros in their own right. Together, they are the catalyst captivating and connecting audiences in the sonic gray space that comes to life as Mojave Grey.

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Emerging from the vibrant music scene of Stockholm, Sweden, Moonshine stands out as a dynamic producer and DJ duo, consisting of the brothers Victor and Oliver Simic. In just over four years since their debut release, the duo gathered an impressive 200 million combined streams. This remarkable achievement is a testament to their artistry and magnetic appeal that resonates across the global music landscape. Moonshine’s discography paints a vivid picture of their versatility, featuring a diverse array of hit singles and collaborations with renowned DJs and producers, including luminaries like Timmy Trumpet, Sevenn, and Marnik. Their works consistently garner international acclaim, making waves on viral charts worldwide reaching the #1 position in France, #2 in Denmark, and #6 in their home country of Sweden. Their far-reaching impact even extended to the Top 50 Viral World chart for a notable week.

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