Inicio Review Nico Lah presents Ancestors Call Part 2

Nico Lah presents Ancestors Call Part 2


Nico Lah is back with the second installment of his highly anticipated release, «Ancestors Call Part 2», which is set to be released on the well loved Omena Records in March 2023. Known for his deep, atmospheric, and soulful productions, he is an artist that has become a staple among fans of Deep House, with a discography that spans across multiple respected labels.

The four-track half of the LP, shows Nico Lah’s ability to blend late-night deep house vibes with soulful dancefloor magic, taking listeners on a spiritual journey through melodic and atmospheric sounds. The release sits somewhere between classic deep house and the spiritual end of house royalty Ron Trent’s output, with additional layers of melody that tie the whole release together.

His talent for immersive songwriting is evident throughout the EP, with each track building upon the last to create an expansive listen. His approach to house music is both organic and timeless, delivering a collection of songs that are warm and honest. «Ancestors Call Part 2» is a testament to his love for his craft, and his evolution as a producer shows no sign of slowing down. Fans of Ron Trent and Joe Clausell will appreciate the cross between the two sounds, aimed for the deeper DJ-sets late, late at night.



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