Inicio Review Periode’s Latest Creation Hits the Streets: A Phenomenal Fifth Album

Periode’s Latest Creation Hits the Streets: A Phenomenal Fifth Album


Periode, comprising the creative forces of Andreas Reihse and Thomas Winkler, marks their enduring collaboration with the release of their fifth studio album. Beyond the rough surface, the album stands as a testament to their artistic prowess, showcasing a diverse song repertoire complemented by the nuanced contributions of exceptional featured instrumentalists and vocalists.

Defying the confines of genre, Periode once again liberates themselves, seamlessly blending electronic elements into a rich tapestry of sound. Stripped-down grooves intertwine with effects-laden guitars, synths and sporadic vocals, creating an intricate musical landscape that traverses various electronic realms.

Meticulously captured by Andreas and Thomas, the studio recordings reflect equilibrium and creativity which transform raw sessions into timeless pieces. No doubt, the album oscillates between poignant journeys through the nocturnal streets, subtly hinting at a clandestine rave vibe, and then effortlessly scaling back the tempo. Feel free to surrender to the album without reservation, allowing yourself to be immersed for an eternity.

The authenticity inherent in every track pulsates at the core, rendering the album by Periode a distinctive creation emerging from Berlin’s vibrant creative milieu. The analog manifestation graces CD shelves in Japan, while the digital iteration is now accessible worldwide. Accompanying the release are three visually captivating music videos for the singles, eschewing mainstream trends and embracing a counter-cultural artistic ethos.



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