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Post Miami Week ARTCORE Madness, Indira’s ‘Gipsy Queen’ Is Her Forthcoming Killer 2 Track Release



Released on 22nd April, Indira’s next big release, the 3rd of her own to grace ARTCORE is a trance-tinged techno offering, that’s had plenty of dancefloor approval.

Indira Paganotto and her ARTCORE imprint stand out from the crowd with an exponential sense of uniqueness, front-running pioneers of the new Psy-influenced techno boom. Indira’s upcoming release ‘Gipsy Queen’ is another perfect example of how she has garnered so much love and support for her unique vibe and ethos to date.

Title track ‘Gipsy Queen’ begins in eccentric fashion. A gentle strumming of flamenco guitar lines, a distorted chorus of castanets and an enchanting vocal open the track to remain a key feature throughout waves of razor-sharp synths and hurtling drums sequences. The dips in pace are beautifully accompanied by the stirring vocals but before long the flamenco influences are overrun by the trance-tinged techno Indira is famous for.

The out of body like energy summoned by the strings and haunting effects of ‘Vendetta’ offer a different audio experience to that offered by the EP’s title track. With a visceral intensity that becomes more acute following each drop there are several curious effects and tones at play to make for a somewhat dramatic techno heavy melody.

Indira Paganotto’s ‘Gipsy Queen’ will be available from the 22nd April via ARTCORE.

TRACKLIST – ‘Gipsy Queen’

01. Indira Paganotto – ‘Gipsy Queen’ (Extended Mix)

02. Indira Paganotto – ‘Vendetta’ (Extended Mix)


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