Inicio Avance PREMIERE: Bionda E Lupo – Eckstein 2017

PREMIERE: Bionda E Lupo – Eckstein [Charlois] 2017


„Eins, zwei, drei, vier Eckstein, alles muss versteckt sein. Hinter mir und vorder mir gilt es nicht, und an beiden Seiten nicht – ich komme!

Bionda E Lupo is back with new fourth tracks EP for the offshoot label of Pinkman Records, Rotterdam’s – Charlois.
Bionda e Lupo are like little you’ll have heard before, a boy/girl band like no other. Synth wave is fed a line of modern alienation, delusory disco to a disdainful drum beat, house emptied and ridiculed. Rhythms are stark, melodies are as mechanical as the lyrics.
Today we present you a closing track from the release – Eckstein, ballad of bittersweet images and lost hopes.
They could play an endless game of hide-and -seek in so many rooms and up and down the halls that intersected and turned into dead-end porches and rooms full of wax begonias and elephant’s- ears, or rooms full of trunks. She remembered the nights – the moon vine, the verbena smelling under running feet, the lateness of dancers.
Find her in the sweetest taste of watermelon, find her in the sound of the laughing children.
This is a win-win, slightly nostalgic synthpop, with vocals from the beautiful Bionda who added a bit more of drama to the track.


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