Inicio Avance PREMIERE: Moderna & Theus Mago – Tecno Misogino (Bufi Remix) 2017

PREMIERE: Moderna & Theus Mago – Tecno Misogino (Bufi Remix) [La Dame Noir] 2017


Mateo Gonzales. In Mexico, even children know his name. One of the most versatile Latin American producers, known for his monikers Bufi, Theus Mago and Sonido Phantasma, one of the co-founders of Duro Label, he released a huge amount of music on such labels as Electrique Music, Kitsune, Discotexas, Platino, My Favorite Robot, Turbo Records etc, he is one of the pioneers of the Mexican modern electronic scene.
This is not his first collaboration with Los Angeles producer Missy Livingston aka Moderna (known for her work with Ghostly International), at the beginning of last year they recorded together a powerful EP on Chloe’s Kill The DJ.

This time they are released on another French, Marseille’s label La Dame Noir. The new EP includes 3 original mixes plus remixes from Sebastian Voigt and a remix from the Mateo Gonzalez himself under one of his monikers – Bufi, which we are happy to present to you today.
Moderna & Theus Mago – Tecno Misogino (Bufi Remix) – a dancefloor-worthy groove monster, anchored by a funky, but menacing bassline with vocal cuts and a catchy guitar loop, rework that bringing original into a chugging, low slung
prowler with raw biker disco percussion.
Yet again here La Dame Noir have served up a fresh modern dark disco package that packs real heat. Enjoy

Release date: 17/07/2017

Released on: La Dame Noir

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