Inicio Avance PREMIERE: Moisees – Going To Nowhere 2017

PREMIERE: Moisees – Going To Nowhere [Duro] 2017


Leading Mexican label Duro returns with a new EP from label co-founder Moisés Ramírez aka Moisees which features three excellently acid infused cuts.
Moisees is the latest in a long line of aliases from Ramírez (others include Silver Light and Blackout) and finds him back in the studio after a little while out. It tells the story of his life over the last few months and shows he has a great knack for sampling and making atmospheric tracks.
Today we present you exclusive premiere of ‘Going To Nowhere’, a six minute rolling drum track with a great flute melody that sounds like a call to war in ancient tribal times. The mood of the track feels bold, like when you bravely face yourself with your own disastrous reality, and it is truly compelling as a result.

Release date: 28/07/2017

Released on: Duro

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