Inicio Avance PREMIERE: Smagghe & Cross – Talking To Katz 2017

PREMIERE: Smagghe & Cross – Talking To Katz [Ransom Note] 2017


Frenchman Ivan Smagghe, owner of the chic label “Les Disques de la Mort” and an extraordinarily talented DJ likes to create joint projects lately. Last summer, he released the album “It’s Fine Line” with Tim Paris. But that duo existed for several years, while the new project Smagghe & Cross with Rupert Cross is a debut for both musicians. Rupert is a rather popular composer who make his name in movies and theater industry and together with Ivan, who is full of ideas and has a very eclectic and deep view of music, they, I very much hope, will please us with their creations for a long time.
This year duo appeared in an album of Scotish musicians “The Junto Club” with their remix for track called “Ikyrio”, last month they launch their first LP on Vladimir Ivkovic’s Offen music, and now they are back with debut EP “Talking To Katz” on excellent Ransom Note Records, recorded with the participation of vocalists Emily Evans and David of the Junto Club.
Release brings us 2 originals tracks and remixes, included two versions from Manchester based Glowing Palms.
The tracks are being played by the likes of Andrew Weatherall, Optimo, Solar, Dave Harvey, Severino, Cosmo Vitelli, Kris Baha, Tim Paris and will be available to buy tomorrow 28th April.
So, today we present you titule track “Talking To Katz” – a slow psychedelic-surrealist piece , with a massive, but not straining bass line and incomparable vocals by the Junto Club geniuses – the track from release which i personally consider to be one of the best of this year.

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