Inicio Review Psy-Mama, Indira Paganotto Returns To Her Beloved ARTCORE

Psy-Mama, Indira Paganotto Returns To Her Beloved ARTCORE



Released on 7th December, Indira’s latest work transcends the conventional boundaries of Techno across two celestial-themed club weapons…

Indira Paganotto and her ARTCORE imprint stand out from the crowd with an exponential sense of uniqueness, front-running pioneers of the new psy-influenced techno boom. Indira’s latest release, via ARTCORE, is a solid testament to that fact, exhibited masterfully across two individually brilliant club cuts on her ‘Heaven Is For Warriors’ EP.

Opening with the lead track, ‘Heaven Is For Warriors’ comes in hot with thumping drum grooves and crisp percussive drive, supplemented by ominously celestial undertones and rave-inspired musicality throughout – a sinister tirade of punchy electronic grit, marching to a racy tempo built for peak-time sets.

The release closes on ‘Requiem’, further playing on the darkened divine theme throughout the EP. Beyond its atmospheric intro, you’re greeted with a marauding flurry of watertight Techno goodness layered with synths, sirens, pads and much more.

There’s no denying Indira’s oneness when considering groundbreaking techno talents; her ‘Heaven Is For Warriors’ EP serves as a solid reminder of her commitment to trailblazing a path into the genre’s new and exciting age.

Indira Paganotto’s ‘Heaven Is For Warriors’ EP is available from 7th December via ARTCORE.

TRACKLIST – ‘Heaven Is For Warriors’

1. Indira Paganotto – ‘Heaven Is For Warriors’ (Extended Mix)

2. Indira Paganotto – ‘Requiem’ (Extended Mix)


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