Inicio Review Rework presents Lipstick E

Rework presents Lipstick E


For more than two decades after starting their career on Playhouse REWORK still goes on with their Jane Birkin type moods and a minimal techno synthwave feel on their upcoming release.

After their Remix collaboration with Seth Troxler and Cinthie on Get Physical Music REWORK returns with the exciting EP «Lipstick» and the following Album «Never Again». Minimal cold female vocal contributions from various singers are still part of their iconic sound.

Dark and gloomy modes over the whole album and simplistic spacious compositions help to find a way into the definitive form on their seventh album mixed and recorded at their own Technique Studios.

A cover of KRAFTWERK’s timeless classic, «Telephone Call» pays homage to the original while infusing it with their own distinct flair, seamlessly melting the essence of the past with the sonic possibilities of the present.

Minimalistic beats and pulsing synth-work still captures an internal REWORK glamour again on their own label exlove records.


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