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Seb Wildblood announces Separation Anxiety Remix package with Gold Panda, Gerd Janson, Maya Q & Once Twice (fka Parallels)


Producer, DJ, and composer Seb Wildblood returned to the fold with third album ‘separation anxiety’ last month, the prolific producer’s blissful electronics on full display across the album’s 10 tracks, his most ambitious and fully realised offering yet. With guests including Laraaji, Swedish pop auteur sir Was, Montreal’s Tess Roby, Mauv, and Dial Records own Lawrence, the record harmoniously exists between the worlds of ambient, indie, electronica, jazz and classical. Earlier this month Wildblood dropped Gerd Janson’s energetic take on ‘give it back,’ the chopped and reverb-soaked vocals shining brightly throughout, before the Italo-disco sounds return in full force. Out today, Gold Panda takes on ambient album closer ’slice’, out November 15th & featuring critically acclaimed multi-instrumentalist Laraaji. The British producer had this to say on it:

“It’s been an absolute joy to remix ‘Slice.’ I tried to bring out the dusty piano and put that front and centre. I didn’t do much arranging, the Laraaji stuff just seemed to be able to glide over the top and sounded so natural. I did most of the remix on an mpc1000 while watching the London rain out of the window. I urge you to check out Seb’s album, it’s got a new age / ???? kind of vibe with its heart on the dance floor.” Gold Panda Landing on November 30th, the full remix package also features a sumptuous and glitchy take on ‘handshake’ ft. Mauv from Once Twice (fka Parallels,) and a jungle, UK bass and breaks mash-up of the title-track from the brilliant Maya Q and ft. Tess Roby.

Pick up a copy of Gold Panda’s remix, out today, here –

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