Inicio Review Supa – Colours EP

Supa – Colours EP [Besides records]


Supa – Colours EP [Besides records]

The «Colours» EP from Supa, set to release on Besides Records, is a expression of the duo’s evolution from DJs to producers.

Spanning six tracks, the EP explores a variety of musical terrains, from the rhythmic pulses of UK garage to the soulful depths of house music. Each track is a window into the duo’s global influences, infused with flavors from India, Africa, and the Arab world. Notable is «Camel,» a track that encapsulates the essence of their «Global Groove» ethos, blending traditional sounds with contemporary beats.

The production quality across the EP is exceptional, with each track offering a different hue of their broad musical palette. Skevitz & Ango’s experience as DJs shines through in their understanding of rhythm and melody, making «Colours» an engaging and immersive listening experience. This EP is a journey not just through genres, but through cultures and emotions, showcasing Supa’s ability to create music that is both universal and intimately personal.

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