Inicio Review SuperStyle Deluxe, Bourbon Shots Feat Mantis

SuperStyle Deluxe, Bourbon Shots Feat Mantis


SuperStyle Deluxe, Bourbon Shots Feat Mantis

SuperStyle Deluxe’s latest offering, «Bourbon Shots,» featuring Mantis, is a fusion of styles that brings together the raw energy of UKG and the pulsating rhythms of Bass House & Breaks. The track, released under The Payback Project label, marks a reunion with Mantis from Bristol’s hip-hop outfit, The Aspects, reflecting a synergy honed since their first collaboration in 2004.

The original mix blends Mantis’s humor-laden, nostalgic rhymes with the signature SuperStyle sound, creating a unique auditory experience. The remixes by SLYNK and Jon Gurd add depth to the release, each artist bringing their distinctive touch. SLYNK elevates the original with an intensified bassline, enhancing the track’s club-readiness. Jon Gurd, on the other hand, takes a divergent path, infusing a moody, synthy breakbeat that resonates with the quieter hours of the night. The entire package forms a compelling set of tracks, perfectly suited for the winter club scene. It’s an energetic, multi-layered release that showcases the evolution of SuperStyle Deluxe and Mantis’s collaborative journey, delivering a sound that’s both familiar and refreshingly new.

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