Inicio Review The Streets ‘3 Minutes To Midnight’ (Gregor Tresher Remix)

The Streets ‘3 Minutes To Midnight’ (Gregor Tresher Remix)


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Given the co-sign by Mike Skinner himself, Gregor Tresher’s monumental reimagining of The Streets’ ‘3 Minutes To Midnight‘, once an anonymous gem, is now getting an official release via Gregor’s label Break New Soil.

Gregor’s admiration for The Streets’ seminal 2002 album, ‘Original Pirate Material,’ has fuelled his unwavering support for Mike Skinner’s extraordinary musical journey.

This rework quickly became a closely-guarded secret weapon, setting dance floors ablaze wherever he played it. The idea of reaching out to The Streets arose, driven by curiosity about Mike’s reaction to the remix. Not only did he appreciate it, but he also granted the label permission to officially release it on Break New Soil.

For more information on Gregor Tresher visit Website | Instagram

For more information on Break New Soil visit Soundcloud | Instagram

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