Inicio Review TREGAMBE’s Latest: BJOERNSON Presents ‘ULTRASONIC,’ A Peaktime Techno Banger

TREGAMBE’s Latest: BJOERNSON Presents ‘ULTRASONIC,’ A Peaktime Techno Banger


Bjørnson from Germany emerges with «ULTRASONIC,» a production that quietly but assuredly stakes its claim as a true techno gem for the discerning listener. Embracing a minimalist approach, this track is poised to redefine peak-hour techno experiences in a refined and understated manner.

From the onset, «ULTRASONIC» weaves a sonic narrative that is both intricate and deliberate. Bjørnson subtly guides the audience through a labyrinth of beats and carefully calibrated synths. The track’s well chosen tempo and pure energy speak volumes, offering a refreshing departure from the trends of the current scene.

Bjørnson’s meticulous craftsmanship is felt in every nuance of the track. The basslines, pulsating with controlled intensity, create an atmosphere of anticipation that lingers in the air. Meanwhile, dark sounds effortlessly interweave, hinting at an expansive adrenalin landscape beneath the surface.

The result is a composition that doesn’t demand attention but quietly commands it, leaving ample space for introspection and interpretation.

It’s a track that transcends the ephemeral, inviting listeners to delve into its pureness.

As Bjørnson invites the audience to embark on this thrilling journey, prepare to discover a pounding techno experience that defies expectations and invites a deeper connection with the music. In a world saturated with sonic intensity, «ULTRASONIC» stands as a testament to Bjørnson’s ability to carve out a space for contemplation within the pulsating heartbeat of techno. The track, «ULTRASONIC,» is making its debut on the renowned TREGAMBE label, helmed by Juliet Fox. It has garnered substantial acclaim, receiving robust support from prominent figures in the international DJ scene.


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