Inicio Review Volantis & Matisa – Notte Paradiso EP

Volantis & Matisa – Notte Paradiso EP


Milanese dream team, Volantis & Matisa combine like rocket fuel to bring you four fantastic original tracks: Notte Paradiso EP, available on Permanent Vacation 10th May.

When Matisa met Volantis at Somewhere Festival in Calabria, they quickly realised they were on the same sacred mission – to continue the legacy of Italian electronic music. Their synergy in the studio was incredible. Art flourished effortlessly, transforming seamlessly into 2022’s superb Amore 93.

Inspired by legends such as Roby J, Farfa, and Miki the Dolphin, Volantis and Matisa have once again picked up the baton of 90’s Italo house… and ran with it straight into 2024. So, join them on their journey into a night of paradise (Notte Paradiso).

The first chapter in your sonic adventure is Incantesimo. Matisa’s ethereal vocals call you into another dimension. Oberheim arpeggios and driving Moog basslines dance down the Italo brick road where they meet the wickedest of guitar riffs. You start to realise just how much you have needed this kind of music in your life.

The start of chapter two – Notte Paradiso, is beautifully tapped out on a Roland JD800 pad. Just when you think you know where Volantis is leading you, Matisa whispers Notte Paradiso’ softly in your ear and pulls you straight through the looking glass. You choose the red pill. Suddenly in front of you are two duelling Moog basslines, spurred on by a crowd of distant, indecipherable voices in this vast kaleidoscopic colosseum.

Pull on your spacesuit for chapter three. These are the voyages of the Starship Galassia Sentimento. The joyous guitar riff synergises with the overwhelming rhythmic groove, boldly taking you where no-one has gone before. ARP2600 and Space Echo bringing you to warp speed as you hurtle through Volantis & Matisa’s psychedelic universe.

Back on Terra Firma, SOL is the final chapter of your adventure, the cinematic soundscape and simple, yet substantial groove surrounding you in this dreamy, melancholic finale. It’s clear to see why Volantis & Matisa have chosen this masterpiece as their next single, released 26th April.  As you head off into the Sunset, Sergio Leone style, the two leading protagonists played perfectly by Sequenced Synths and Juno Pads. The colours change from azzurro, to rose, to indigo, bringing your sonic journey to a fulfilling, satisfying and happy ending. Ghostly voices of the ensemble cast of Notte Paradiso bid you a fond farewell as you walk with Volantis & Matisa towards vanishing point.

As the credits roll, who knows where the road will take you next? Stay tuned for the next thrilling episode of the sonic adventures of Volantis & Matisa.

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