Inicio Review Yamil, Thimble, West & Hill, Ayala – Masterpieces 4

Yamil, Thimble, West & Hill, Ayala – Masterpieces 4


Spain-based label & collective, Pieces Of Life, is unleashing the fourth volume of it’s Various Artist EP called “Masterpieces” with four outstanding tracks focussing on the dance floor.

This EP includes two solo singles by head-honchos Yamil and Thimble plus a monsters collaboration between the two of them and a remix by West & Hill to Italian label-friend Ayala. You can expect a blend of different sounds and cultures that make this album a timeless piece from start to end.

First to go is Yamil & Thimble new collaboration called «Sun Shine» which is built on the tension of an oscillating synthesizer that flickers and moves through ascending and descending notes that gradually increase in intensity and lead to a powerful female voice. At the point of peak, arrangement recedes into a symphony of bristling melodies and a set of very subtle drum elements. The result is an effective hammer for the dance floor that will get you dancing anywhere, anytime.

Dutch artist West & Hill is making his debut on the label with a moody remix to Ayala’s «Gathoni feat. Nes Mburu». The producer has managed to take the song to a whole new level but you can still breathe in the flavor of Africa. While respecting the structure of the original voice of Nairobi-born singer Nes Mburu, he has managed to squeeze the main elements and offer a deep yet energetic version that will blow you away.

Next up is Yamil solo single «You Never Alone», an energetic afro-house cut programmed by a set of synthesizers that evoke nostalgia and uplifting percussions that surround Yamil’s own subtle voice and lead us to the peak of the track.

The EP is rounded off by Thimble’s «Velo De Maya», a masterpiece that will break any dance floor where it is played. Composed by a powerhouse groove and booming melodies that comes in and out and that will blow your mind during the whole piece.


1) Yamil, Thimble – Sun Shine

2) Ayala – Gathoni ft. Nes Mburu (West & Hill Remix)

3) Yamil – You Never Alone

4) Thimble – Velo de Maya


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