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Zar – Practice Makes Miracles


London-based artist Zar (Arun Dhanjal) makes his debut with a stunning EP titled «Practice Makes Miracles,» released on ANARP Records on Thursday, March 16. Designed to be heard in one sitting, this 20-minute piece of music explores the duality of magic and mundanity, spirituality and fear, with each track flowing into the other. Zar’s sound can best be described as a mix of James Holden, Floating Points, and Suzanne Ciani, incorporating elements of UKG, Techno, and Bass.

Throughout the EP, Zar weaves together club-ready sounds, inspired by Techno, Deep House, and UK Garage, with delicate ambient passages influenced by Suzanne Ciani and James Holden. The EP’s focus is the use of a Buchla 200e emulator plugin created by Cloudlab, which changed how Zar produces music, letting the instrument play him instead of the other way around. The resulting symbiosis between Zar and the machine is truly remarkable, making for a one-of-a-kind listening experience.

Zar’s music encapsulates the duality between the magic of miracles and the mundanity of practice, how they are born out of each other and collapse back into each other in an ongoing cyclical nature. The EP serves as a reminder to Zar and anyone who resonates with his music of how anything is possible through practice, and miracles always arise spontaneously through the process.

«Practice Makes Miracles» was mixed by DrumTalk and mastered by Works of Intent/JMistry, and it is out on Thursday, March 16. It is club-influenced music for pondering people, an exploration in using music to recalibrate the inner world. Zar’s vulnerability and honesty shine through in the EP, making it a must-listen for anyone seeking a profound and introspective listening experience.


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