Inicio Avance PREMIERE: Oli Warriner – Rest in Paradise (Buran Remix) 2017

PREMIERE: Oli Warriner – Rest in Paradise (Buran Remix) [Night Noise] 2017


Oli Warriner aka Traela joins Amsterdam label Night Noise for their 29th release with «The Humans Go Hungry» EP.
It is a deeply personal release, being inspired by the passing of a friend. Says the artist himself – “the release focuses on this need to understand ourselves and our creative needs, without this «The Humans Go Hungry» and they turn to other paths to feed themselves be it drugs, self-harm etc. Everyone can benefit from creativity and music, just as I use it as a grieving process here.”
«The Humans Go Hungry» EP brings 3 original mixes and remixes from such an names as Bird Of Paradise, Ian Blevins and Buran.
Buran it’s a Manchester duo formed by Ian Scott & Josef Wretham, and was previously released on Beachcoma, Roam Recordings and Det Sync.
So let’s listen premiere of their remix for «Rest In Paradise» – a loose, warbling number that has liquid bass and molten acid gurgles zoning you out.

Release date: 19/06/2017

Released on: Night Noise Music

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