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An Interview with Soble


The spanish dj and producer Soble has just released a great original track with a flamenco voice that turns the song into a timeless masterpiece, “Quien Eras” (Who You Were). I interview him on the occasion of this new release under the Franco-Spanish label EXPmental Records.

Hello Jesús! Well, first tell us, we know you’re from the old school. You’re a producer and DJ with extensive experience. How were your beginnings? How many releases does your discography have? Give us details…

Hello, it’s a pleasure to grant you this short interview.

Well, my beginnings were over 20 years ago. As you rightly pointed out, I started with the old school. Back then, I was “Jesus Soblechero” (DJ and techno producer). I spent many years “dragging” my vinyl record case to clubs, haha. After touring countless clubs (both in Spain and abroad) and evolving into a more Techno-House sound, one day I decided to make a change and started the “Soble” project. In this project, I wanted to move away from the dancefloor to some extent. I wanted to create the music I felt at that moment, and that’s when I entered the world of Downtempo, which is what I’m developing today.

If we talk about my beginnings, my discography includes over 200 releases (digital and vinyl). However, with the Soble project, I take things more slowly. I take much better care of each release, especially the sound. You can find around 20 releases since “Soble” came to light, on labels like Amselcom, Leveldva, Café De Anatolia, LNDKHN… And of course, my return to EXPmental after a few years.

In your artistic aspect, we know that your Soble project has just released a track in the Mental Picks Vol. 41 compilation. Tell me about the production process of this great song.

The production process for each song is quite lengthy, from the moment I start a project until I finish it… all the sounds are created “by hand” with my analog synthesizers and organic recordings.

I don’t usually have a defined pattern when I sit in the studio. If an idea is on my mind, I try to sketch it out in Ableton. That’s why sometimes tracks come out for easy listening, and others might be more focused on the club.

What’s important to me is to always do what I feel, regardless of the outcome or who it’s directed to. I try to evoke some feeling in my tracks. If my music makes you dance or helps you relax, or if you enjoy it in a specific moment, then my mission is complete.

Is your performance format DJing, or do you also have a Live format?

The format I currently perform in is as a DJ, using CD players and vinyl. It’s always rewarding (if the venue is suitable) to spin a vinyl record every now and then, after all, that’s where I come from.

I’ve been working on the Live format, so perhaps in the future, you might see me in that format.

And finally, what upcoming performances do you have in the next few months? Will there be a new album from Soble on EXPmental?

On August 20th, I’ll be performing in London at LDNEAST club for the “Worlds” event by SoundVision, alongside Silicone Soul and other great artists.

And yes, there will be an upcoming album on EXPmental, but we’re still working on it, so it will be released in 2024.


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