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Martin Brodin (MB Disco): Entrevista & Mixtape en Exclusiva ComoLasGrecas (2012)


El sueco de Martin Brodin, creador del sello Deeplay Music en el año 2001, y el el 2011 creador de sello MB Disco, un sello que cada día va ganándose un mayor prestigio a nivel internacional, un artista que lleva produciendo material propio desde el 2005, y que este año lanzará su primer álbum de estudio, y próximamente nuevo EP con remezclones a cargo de Robi Inisanna / Headman e Ilya Santana. Con el Maestro de Martin Brodin, un gran conocedor de la música, gran artista y una maravillosa persona hemos tenido una entrevista exclusiva, y acompañando la entrevista un mixtape en exclusiva para que disfrutéis todos vosotros, como la disfrutamos nosotros.

Interview with Martin Brodin (MB Disco) in English:

There are now over 7 years making music, and in 2010 you make a turn in your music style, house / Deep House, and focus on the disco / Nu-Disco, creating your own label MB Disco, receiving great reviews for part of the press and artists. What is the reason for this change?

I always had Disco Music in me ever since the beginning so at one point I knew it was just a matter of timing. When I started Deeplay Music back in 2000 I was very much into the Deep House scene, still is, just not at the same level as before though. So doing the same thing for almost 10 years was fun, but personally I needed a change. So what would be better that inventing the wheel once more. Said and done, 2010 I decided to dig into the record collection and get inspired again and see what could come out of it. The result you see here today, MB Disco.

The label release meet current productions and reviews of classics such as Giorgio Moroder or Newcleus. What is the purpose of the label?

What about future projects of the label? I love both the new movement of Disco Music and obviously also the oldies. I like the idea of taking old stuff and see what current producers can do with it with the modern technology.The only purpose of the label is to release what I feel is good Disco music, wether it’s new or old.

Why is the phenomenon of the Nordic countries, with many artists and high quality as all of them? And, the great admiration that many feel toward the disco music?

This is so funny, I always get this question from people outside of Scandinavia. And the truth is, there is no good answer to it. Maybe I should start doing a thesis around it and see if I come closer to the right answer J. The only simple explanation that I can come up with is that we have a long and dull fall/winter. And we sit inside most of the time and need to escape somehow, so the music is our way to avoid depression from lacking sunshine.

Currently it looks like a massive proliferation of small record labels, one might almost say that every artist has his own label, What do you think that? Does that you think is good for industry?

The easy way of running your own label has its advantages for sure. If you’re a young and upcoming artist, this could be your only way of exploiting the music. However, if you want to do it as a business, then you have to think more serious about it. The downfall, the way I see it, is that the market can be a bit flooded with way too many labels. I guess the digital stores have to be a bit selective when they choose the releases. Just as in the good old days when the record stores carefully selected the records. I see this is coming more and more that the digital stores becoming a bit more specialized and not only going for “more the merrier”.

In your last release, Copycat, he had previously done a remix of Lana del Rey, Do you think this kind of remixes help to learn more about new artists?

For some artists yes, and for some it just get a bit pathetic. There are tons of edits out there and much of it is just crap. If you do it with a gentle touch and don’t destroy the original too much, then it’s fun checking out. I just found a rework of Gotye ft. Kimbra, which is just perfect. You find it in the mix I just put together. Personally I follow around 10 persons that always does great edits, one of them is Copycat, and others to check out are Drop Out Orchestra, Rayko and Greg Wilson to name a few.

Going into more personal topics, many years producing tracks, remixes….. and still do not have the debut album of Martin Brodin, currently you are working on that album, highly anticipated album, could you tell some information about it?

It’s been in the making for a long time and it will finally be out this summer, June/July or so. As every artist, you want to make the most perfect album you can think of. Not saying this being one, but I wanted to be sure it was the best I could do. The main theme is Nu-Disco in various shapes. Some instrumental mixed with a few vocal ones.
I’m releasing a few singles from it before the album release and some after. To tease you a bit, the remixes I’ve managed to secure comes from people like Headman, Glimmers, Bottin, Ilya Santana, Kasper Björke, Copycat and Jacques Renault. So a humble voice telling me the album can’t be that bad J

Currently, in what remixes are you working?

I’m working on a remix of Music For Dream’s head honcho Kenneth Bager. It’s a track I signed from him and it will be out on MB Disco in May or so. And after that I will start a remix of a Golden Bug track for their LaBelle label.

What are the most influential artists have had on you?

There’s one that really stands out. Yello was my heroes in the early days and I had every record of theirs. I bought all kind of foreign presses of same record. I was obsessed J. Later on it was acts like Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk and obscure Synth bands in the eightees.

What new artists are the ones you currently have surprised you?, that you recommend us to follow.

Not sure they’re new, but some to check out are my fellow Swede’s Drop Out Orchestra and of course Copycat which is a late bloomer.

What artists would you like to remix? and what artist would you like to do a remix of a theme you?

The easiest one to answer to. Yello of course! Any track will do. I would be very honored.
And for someone to remix a track of mine, well, there’re many to choose from. But one that come to mind is Stuart Price. I’m sure he can do some magic for me.
It’s not the most obvious choice for our genre, but I feel it can be an interesting match.

My March mix is a bit special. I made it for the uber-cool blog ComoLasGrecas in Spain.
You can also check out the interview they did with me where we talk about my label MB DISCO and my forthcoming album.
This reflects me as a dj. It’s a mix bag of genre, tempo and atmosphere.
Hope you like the music as much as I do.
1. The Dead Rose Music Company – Faith – Let’s Play House 00:00
2. F3 – Deeper (Tiger Stripes Remix) – Soundz Limited 04:32
3. Martin Brodin – Strings Attack (Robi Inisanna / Headman Remix) – MB Disco 09:00
4. Betoko – This Is What I Want – Chilli Mint 12:08
5. Pollyester – Concierge D’Armour (Rory Phillips Remix) – Permanent Vacation 16:24
6. Lauer – Trainman (Tensnake Franceman Remix) – White Label 20:12
7. Gotye ft Kimbra – Somebody That I Used To Know (Richard Mate Remix) – White Label 25:33
8. Talking Heads – Psycho Killer (Drop Out Orchestra Rework) – White Label 29:58
9. Kasper Bjorke with Jacob Bellens – Lose Yourself To Jenny – HFN 33:25
10. The Phenomenal Handclap Band – The Right One – Tummy Touch 36:27
11. Odd Parents featMP – Fame (Catz n Dogz & Martin Dawson Friday Fever Mix) – Ellum Audio 41:06
12. Steffi feat Virginia – Yours – Ostgut Ton 44:35
13. Dionigi – Radar Report – Quantistic Division 49:35
14. Fab Mayday – Do We Have A Future – Italo Italians 52:10

Entrevista realizada por German MT, Light Spectrum & German Zito
A lot of thanks to Martin Brodin


  1. muy buen productor de música house y un gran amigo., nuestro manager del sello grabador deeplay , desde el 2000 hasta el 2008. con nuestra banda , Physics. cuando ellos toca än en lvivo nos llamábamos Physics live experience. , hicimos un album first flight , uba canción. conocida , tie me down , eso fue historia , giras y bastante éxito , después physics logra soltÉ otro super album con otros artistas bajo el nobre de Physics. Influences ( bargrooves el año 2008..) lära mi gusto.algo de Lo mejor que he escuchado en estos últimos anos ..Ka historia nu.ca mas se ha vuelto a repetir , ha gran pena , pero Martin sigue adelante ,y Grandes artistas vienen dr este pequeño país en Europa del norte , Grandes Dj s .,



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