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Things Happen – Exclusive Mixtape & Interview (2013)


Things Happen (Strictly Groove Recordings) are a italian trio formed by Juan Manuel Moretti, Peter Edison and Samuel Casoli, which has been operating since 2010, a cocktail of musical influences, which blend electronics with traditional instruments to create a very special atmospheres.

– How was the idea of join together and form Things Happens?

Peter and Samuel met first, since they lived in the same city (Reggio Emilia) and both work as DJs.
We asked Manuel to participate in the projects because he is the only real musician (higher education diploma in music).
Peter and Samuel use their ears, while Manuel’s contribution is his technique.

– In your creations are electronic and traditional instruments, each of you is responsible for a particular part? which is the work of each of you?

In the early stages, we work remotely, each one in his studio.
The first of us begins with a new track and, after having created it, uploads it to a Dropbox, so that the others can go on.
In the second stage, when the track has been developed, we meet in Manuel’s studio to define the arrangement and final version.

– Over these two years of experience, how do you see your evolution?

Since the beginning, we have really developed in terms of sound and we hope we will continue.
We are strongly focussed on “clean” sound, i.e. not too many sounds and a good distribution.
We could say that we implement a minimal arrangement, although we try to fit in as many colours and emotions as possible.

– In the sessions, as a trio, as are your DJ sets, as you organize? How you prepare a DJ set?

We play back to back. We have all worked as DJs for a long time and I must say that collaborating has always been a pleasure.
We have experienced live performance recently, when we played at the beginning of the season at a well known event in northern Italy, before TIga.

– A part of the training Things Happen, Peter Edison, carries its own individual race, with sounds closest to the house, as they combine the two things?

“Things Happen” is a summary of what we are currency feeling and experiencing as music. It is a constant encouragement for the three of us to work together, since we are full of ideas.
Sometimes even too many!
We move from disco to house music, through electro, techno and deep house music.

– You have remixes by producers as diverse as John Tejada, In Flagranti, Avanti, Robotnick, Billy Bogus, Julian Sanza …… What you hope when you order a remix? And, how you work when you make a remix to other?

Normally we do not order anything because we try to choose Remixers, which we really appreciate and, until now, their remix works have never been disappointing.
When we work as remixers, we try to identify the best sound on which our work should focus, according to the label, artist, etc.

– EP-album? With the current sale tracks individually, as you see the realization of an album? You have thought of a future publish an album?

We have very recently started to work on our first album, which is expected to be released at the end of 2013.
You are the first to know!
We are very excited at the idea and I must say we are almost exclusively working on this, and have almost dropped all the rest.
We hope we can produce something unique with a THINGS HAPPEN sound.

– Musically, what are the highlight for you this 2012? And what are you hope the 2013?

Of course, having a remix by a great producer like John Tejada meant we could enjoy more visibility.
Working with a great person like him always means learning great lessons.
Moreover, STRICTLY GROOVE RECORDS – our label – has organized a remix contest involving RED CROCODILE – our latest single – of which we have received over 100 remixes, which goes to show that there are many people who find our work interesting.


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