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Uri Mood & Jordi Ruz “My trajectory is still beeing built, day by day, working hard, and spending a lot of hours learning, and making music in the studio”


The Catalan couple is on fire!! In a short time they will release their first reference together on Moai recordings & Tech, Uri Mood’s label. We asked the couple a few questions and, here there are, some of the ones more interesting in exclusive.


1 – When and how did you get your interest in electronic music?

URI MOOD: It´s a looooong time ago, in the 90´s when I was a kid and I discovered House music.

Uri Mood (Dj & Producer)
Uri Mood (Dj & Producer)

I had a friend with turntables and we installed the equipment in my house, then I spent hours and hours playing, instead of going to school, but I studied when it was the exams time, and I passed the courses!

JORDI RUZ: I remember when I was tall enough that I could reach the music equipment of my dad, I started messing around with it.

Jordi Ruz (Dj & Producer)
Jordi Ruz (Dj & Producer)

First playing some records and cassettes with mixes on them, and after I started to be so impressed with the fact that someone was mixing different styles of music making it a whole song. It was called MAX MIX and that’s how I learnt what mixing and djing was.


2 – How did you decide to dedicate into production?

URI MOOD: Well, my first steps, were about the end of the 90´s, but it was too expensive yet, and althought I studied Music Production, I had not enough money to get involved.  I met Daniel Trim about 6 years ago, my teacher, and I recovered the illusion, and put some order to my insufficient knowledge until then. He taught me all the technical and creative know-how, and now I am here.

JORDI RUZ: I would say playing with the small Casio keyboard I got one Christmas when I was a little kid. I was able to play rhythms and create melodies. That was an amazing feeling!!

3 – How do you assess the trajectory you have had and what were the reasons that led you to start it?

URI MOOD: About 5 years ago and until today, I have been a resident DJ at  W Barcelona hotel, there, I had the chance to play with djs like Roger Sánchez, ANOTR, David Penn, Juliet Sikora, Dosem… Then, I thought it was the time to go further, and get seriously into Music Production.

My trajectory is still beeing built, day by day, working hard, and spending a lot of hours learning, and making music in the studio. In 2018 I got to be into the best 50 Tech-house tracks of the year on Traxsource with “Reverend´s speech” released by the record labelWired, and this, gave me a lot of energy to keep working on until today.

JORDI RUZ: My beginnings were long time ago, when I was a teenager and I first had turntables in front of me. But I never took it seriously as a main job until 2013 when I decided to risk everything I had accomplished in the business life, and go full on with the DJ life.

I got a summer residency in Ibiza the year after and since then I have been growing as a DJ and performing in a lot of private parties all around the world, House Music Clubs and the last 2 years I have been performing for the Tomorrowland brand, in the summer festival and also in some private parties they organize in Belgium.

4- What was your criterion when producing your last EP?

URI MOOD: I wanted to work with a singer and to have our own vocals, not a sample pack, which can be used by thousands of producers.

Then I talked about it with my friend, the DJ and producer Jordi Ruz to do it together, and listening a lot of singers, we finally decided to do it with Yemi Bolatiwa, who wrote and sang this amazing lyrics.

JORDI RUZ: Uri and I have always been in love with the sounds of House music, and the 90’s diva vocals. So we tried to unite these things and add some new more trendy sounds to the track.

Uri Mood Jordi Ruz - Reality
Uri Mood Jordi Ruz – Reality

5 – Could you recommend a set that you are especially proud of, and that we can see on your Soundcloud or on YouTube?

URI MOOD: I like to record videos while I play my unsigned tracks, so, I can see the response on the dancefloor, and I have one pretty good, but on facebook and instagram.

About a set, one of my favourites is the House Jet Radio vol. 480, which I played for this radio station from San Diego, CA.

JORDI RUZ: Well, I am very active in recording sets and uploading them on Soundcloud. Funny enough, the set that I have got best feedback from is a 3 hour live set I performed at the W Hotel in Barcelona. It was back in 2015 and I didn’t know Uri that well. But now we have a track together and we are good friends!

6 – What can you tell us about the scene of your city? What would you improve?

URI MOOD: Electronic music, in Barcelona is being displaced by Comercial music nowadays, this is the bad new. The good one is that electronic music clubs that remains, are small ones, and I love this, I love to play closer to the people. Small clubs that remains, have got a strong personality, because the easy way is to change to comercial, and get more money, but they don´t do it. To keep more underground the scene makes the clubs, the music and the people more interesting for me.

JORDI RUZ: Barcelona hasn’t been “my city” since 2014 when I moved to Ibiza. And now I am living in Marbella, the south of Spain. But I can tell you that Ibiza has become very wide when it comes to offer different styles of music. I still enjoy going to the clubs but the brands, and what they are known for are fading away. For example, last summer in Pacha Ibiza, Tuesdays were host by J Balvin (Latin Singer) until July, and then August and September was host by Calvin Harris. In a way I understand it is a business and they want to make money, but to me, it doesn’t make any sense… And in Marbella I am very surprised with the music scene here. I guess it is because the crowd is older than Ibiza and it is much more international than in Barcelona.

7 – Finally, what can you tell us about your present and future projects?

URI MOOD: For now, with COVID-19 all over the world, what I can say it´s not very hopeful, unfortunately. The Moai Tech showcases and my own gigs, have been all cancelled. But I always try to be positive, and I am spending a lot of time in the studio, so, a lot of new music is about to come, and this are always good news.

JORDI RUZ: Well, I will try to be positive and think that the actual crisis will end soon. I will be performing 2 days a week in a really nice Beach Club called La Plage Casanis in Marbella, and also I would be the Resident DJ and music manager in a new restaurant club (Lio Ibiza Style), named Mamzel also in Marbella. I was negotiating with a place in Ibiza to have once a week my own party, but for the moment is on hold… And I was supposed to play for Tomorrowland, and it is also uncertain what is going to happen with big festivals this year…


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